52 Ancestors Challenge


I have decided to take part in a Challenge highlighting  52 ancestors of mine or in my family tree so they might be Gerard’s side. I hope by sharing my journey I will ignite your passion for family stories.

Each and every one of our ancestors deserves to be remembered for the good or the bad. Some weeks it may be simple with names and dates and bits of information other weeks it will be a more in-depth story of this ancestor.

This is Week 1 and our prompt was start. I am dedicating this post to the two people who started me on this fabulous Journey. My Grandpa and Grandma. I have talked about them in a recent post but here is a bit more.

Earl Elmer Witherwax was born in July 1910 and died in February 2001. He married my Grandmother Frances Mary Stewart (July 1922-September 2004) in Schuyler Falls, NY in October of 1940. They had 7 children. My Grandpa had many trades from a Beer and Soda Salesman, operating engineer to a dairy farmer. My grandma helped run the farm, was an accomplished seamstress and wonderful mom.

I spent many summers with my grandparents in Clinton County, NY driving back roads and at the library researching ancestors. We also went on road trips to places where we found family and my grandpa had a way with people to get them to talk. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my grandparents and hope they are happy with the progress I have made in the family tree.

I am happy and blessed that my grandparents shared their family history with me. 22219968_850890801739249_1224807655112702368_o


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