Hello, welcome to Decoding The Family Tree. My name is Chiara Osborne. I am a wife, mother, daughter, family history buff.

I began working on my family tree with my Grandma back in the 1980s, genealogy was very different back then. I spent many summer days with my Grandma and Grandpa in the back of their car on the back roads of upstate New York. There were days spent in the Plattsburgh library and days spent in rural cemeteries, unlocking the history of our family. I was drawn to my grandparents deep roots in New York.

I have decided to branch into the world of professional genealogy and would love to help you decode your family tree.

Services I provide are:

  • Genealogical Research into your family history.
  • Lineage Society Applications including Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of 1812, Colonial Dames, Mayflower Society and more.
  • Forensic Genealogy.
  • DNA results interpretation.

For further information, please contact me at Chiara@decodingthefamilytree.com.