I’m just shrubbing along….

So the past 2 days I have been answering some emails and working with DNA, if you know me I prefer digging through the records or traipsing through a cemetery than doing anything sciencey. Yes I made up a word. Anyway DNA requires sciencey work and while doing this I have uncovered a mess ofContinue reading “I’m just shrubbing along….”

Thank you 30 x 30 challenge…

So far the 30 x 30 challenge has been great for my research. It is forcing me to be deliberate in my research and not fall down many rabbit holes. Progress report – Day 2 I focused on Neil Osborne, Bergetti’s husband and made a similar timeline for him but it did not reveal anyContinue reading “Thank you 30 x 30 challenge…”

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today is your birthday and I miss you. I miss you a lot. Your smile, your stories, your love for neapolitan ice cream. You were born July 10, 1910. The youngest child of Benjamin Franklin Witherwax and Minerva Ruth Beardsley in Peru, Clinton County, NY.  Your married Frances Mary Stewart in 1940 and raised 7Continue reading “Happy Birthday Grandpa!”

Never stop searching…

In 2017, I started listening to genealogy podcasts. Two of my favorites are Genealogy Guys and Extreme Genes, each one provides me with new things I may not of thought of or gives me an a-ha moment. This past week I listened to both and can’t remember which one said to look into the neighboring towns and countiesContinue reading “Never stop searching…”

52 Ancestors – Strong Women

There are so many Strong Women in my family. They tended to not sit on the sidelines but to dive right into the fray. From my Dr. Sarah Larkin Beardsley who went to medical school in 1880 and became a practicing doctor in Jonesville, Michigan before her untimely death in 1886. To Hannah Bartlett KellyContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Strong Women”

52 Ancestors – Heirloom

Every Week Amy Johnson Crow provides a prompt for the 52 Ancestors challenge and I will be honest I get stuck on them and ponder them and then do not write anything here for weeks. My goal is to not ponder them so much anymore and get moving and stay caught up. So this prompt is forContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Heirloom”

52 Ancestors Challenge

I have decided to take part in a Challenge highlighting  52 ancestors of mine or in my family tree so they might be Gerard’s side. I hope by sharing my journey I will ignite your passion for family stories. Each and every one of our ancestors deserves to be remembered for the good or theContinue reading “52 Ancestors Challenge”