52 Ancestors – Week 8 – Family Photo

BEardsley Siblings

Meet the children of Beverley Beardsley (1815-1897) and Minerva Winchester Beardsley (1823-1843).

The men are George Beardsley (1843-1897) and Leslie Winchester Beardsley (1841-1920). The woman is Helen Maria Beardsley (1839-1900). I am thinking this photo was taken post civil war but that is as far as I have gotten.

Leslie Winchester Beardsley is my 2X great-grandfather. He married Sarah Larkin and had one child who survived to adulthood.

This is one of the few family pictures we have and I am trying to find other pictures of George and Leslie so I can figure out who is who. My mom swears the man with the beard is Leslie because he resembles my nephew but I have no clue.


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