52 Ancestors – Week 7 Love

If you have been reading along for a while you will know that I absolutely adore old newspapers. I am constantly scouring the New York Historical Newspapers website for tidbits about family.

One day while researching I found the following about George and Dorcas Weatherwax, my great-great grandparents.


The above article appeared in the  November 29, 1889 edition of The Plattsburgh Sentinel. It sounds like a wonderful celebration of their love. A celebration of 40 years of marriage. They were together until George died in 1900.

We don’t have many pictures in the family and my grandpa was the youngest and his mom died when he was 15 and the stories just weren’t there. One of the things I love about newspapers is you get a peek into their lives.

I am also amazed because My Great Grandparents Benjamin and Minerva Witherwax were married for 35 years until Minerva died in 1925. My Grandparents Earl and Frances Witherwax were married for over 60 years and my parents will be celebrating 55 years together this year.

I know sometimes people got married out of necessity but I am a romantic at heart and always hope love crept in at some point.

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