52 Ancestors – Week 4 – Education

Life has gotten into the way of me keeping up with the blog so I am going to try and do 2 or 3 every few days to get back on track. For this prompt I decided I would talk about on of my favorite collection on Ancestry.

Ancestry has a collection called U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-2016. There are all sorts of gems in there. I also find it fun to look at the pictures and how the times have changed. A great thing about this collection is I was able to get a picture of my husband’s father, James Francis Osborne. He attended St. Francis Preparatory School in Brooklyn. The school would later relocate to Queens.

Check out his Yearbook picture from 1955

Another picture I found is of my Mom while she was in college. My mom is with some of her fellow nursing students.

My mom is in the front row and this picture is from 1963.

So have you used this collection before.

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