Yes I do use the leaves!

I had posted yesterday about helping look for a revolutionary war patriot for friends and woke up to a friend wanting some help.Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.38.07 PM

After receiving the information, I began a tree and there are all those hints and some potential parent recommendations. Now begins the process of reviewing each and every hint and evaluating the information. I actually begin by deleting all the member trees and photos of documents. It means hitting the ignore key.

As she was interested in a revolutionary war patriot which is on her mom’s side I will start with that,  but she also is interested in her dad’s side and it isn’t as deep so it will mean expanding my horizons into an area of the world I am not super familiar with but I consider it an adventure and learning experience.

I just timed myself and it takes me about 5 minutes per hint to evaluate it and decide if it is correct. I also love states like Michigan who put their death records online for Free. So I am taking the don’t be a source snob to heart and reviewing a lot of these items and I did find a set of twins in her tree born in the late 1700s with very similar names and I think they are causing some problems but I will get it sorted out.

So yes I do use the shaky leaves but I have learned to evaluate each and everyone for its merits. Due Diligence and a reasonably exhausted search are so important.


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