It’s Official

It is finally official! I completed the Boston University Genealogical Research Certificate Program. My final grade was an A-.


To be honest the class wasn’t what I thought it would be. I thought it would be more writing of reports and working towards professional certification. It was a wonderful way to get your feet wet after not being in school for 25 years. Also, as my background has very little experience in citations it was well worth it for that aspect. Even if I did kick and scream and pout all during that module of the course.

I am now working on practicing what I learned and asked my friends for some research projects to get the practice in writing reports I so desperately want, and it will help me turn towards the genealogy profession.

On my research list now is African American Research, finding the Native American great grandfather for a friend, following the Irish Immigrant of another and helping prove research that has been done but not sourced. This should give me a nice start as I begin seeing what is involved in becoming professionally certified and give me a little rest from some of my own brick wall ancestors.

I am now looking for another online course or my dream of going to GRIP in Pittsburgh this year. These research trips will be so much easier when the husband retires. I think I can rope him into a couple research trips to some archives and cemeteries in upstate New York in 2019.

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