A New Puzzle

Yesterday, I attended the annual Wreaths Across America event in Brooklyn. Since I was going to be there my sister-in-law asked me if I minded checking out her grandparents graves at Cypress Hills Cemetery no problem. She gave me her grandparents names and that they were in the Whitehead plot but she had no clue who they were and the connection beyond her Grandmother was a Whitehead.

As you know, finding a woman in your line can be difficult, as a lot of times there are no records pre-marriage.

I started my visit in the office and I was limited in time as I had to be at the National Cemetery at Noon and it was already 10:50. To my luck I was the only person in the office and gave the names of George and Sarah Behringer. Well they could not find George but found Sarah with the date of death of 2004 and in the Whitehead family plot. To my surprise the Whitehead plot was in Section 1 of the cemetery. Section one is right in the oldest part of the cemetery I would say and faces Jamaica Avenue.

My only problem was nothing was labeled until I found a newer stone with the section and grave number. I was too far back. So I wandered forward and this stone was standing before me.


This thing is huge and my mind was going a mile a minute saying please be the right family. I started walking around it, reading the names of all the people buried there were a total of 23 names including my Sister-in-laws Grandfather, George Behringer. I was at the right place.

Now the fun begins, contacting the cemetery researcher to find how many people are actually buried here, when the plot was purchased and who did it originally belong too  as there is a second name on the other side of the stone of Wilson.

After some preliminary research I believe I found her Grandmother’s Parents to be John and Elizabeth Whitehead according to a couple of census records but that has yet to be confirmed.

I am planning a trip to the municipal archives for my own research, so I am thinking of pulling the death certificates and seeing if I can go back further.

So a new puzzle and I am extremely excited to fit the pieces together.

52 Ancestors – Cemetery

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 3.39.22 PM

Growing up I thought I had been to almost every cemetery in Plattsburgh and Peru. Nope not even close.

In 2016, while awaiting my applications approval from the Daughters of the American Revolution, I joined their Facebook Group and I learned about supplemental applications for other patriots you descend from. One of the tips was to look into the father of the wife or husband of your original patriot. Lo and Behold I discovered Bezaleel Wood. Seriously isn’t that the best name ever.

Upon discovering Bezaleel Wood, I saw he was buried at the Baker Burying Ground off Route 3 in Plattsburgh, NY. I immediately asked my mother where it was since she is a native of Clinton County and she had no clue. She had never been there. Let’s be honest we didn’t even know we were related to Bezaleel Wood until then.

A road trip was planned and we discovered the coolest cemetery ever. Well kept. Situated off Route 3 and sitting behind 2 houses. They should have the coolest Halloween Decorations ever. We found Bezaleel and his Wife Mehetabel Darby and a few of their sons. My Sarah Wood Larkin is buried in Shelters Cemetery.

The Baker Cemetery is peaceful under a throng of trees and I am so happy to say I am planning to visit soon. Oh and I did fill out one of those DAR Supplemental Patriot Applications for Bezaleel.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 3.37.57 PM

Hopefully this summer or early fall. I need to hit the North Country for some research. I need to find that pesky Old Clintonville Cemetery where my Beardsley family is buried.  I find peace in these old cemeteries and do not want these extraordinary men and women forgotten.

Everyday I research my family the past comes a little bit more alive.

52 Ancestors – Favorite Photo

Week 2 of 52 Ancestors is Favorite Photo. This was a tough one for me because I don’t have a lot of old family photos. Also photos take such a huge part in my life as a former scrapbooker. I would still scrapbook if I had more time. Priorities.

As I thought of a photo to share I pondered on the direction I wanted to go and finally decided I would share this photo of Henry M. Bass.


Meet Henry Morrissey Bass. He was born in 24 June 1886 in Warsaw, Duplin County, North Caroline. He was the son of John William Rufus Bass and Emma Faison Best Bass. He is my husband’s great-grandfather. He is somewhat of a mystery to me. I do not know much about him only what scant facts I have been able to find online. He is one of my Brickwall ancestors as I lose track of him in 1942 NYC and the next thing I find is his son’s obituary in 1979 where he is listed as the late Henry Bass. I have never found him on a census and his marriage record to Marguerite Brucks is proving to be elusive.

I love this picture of Henry Bass because it is one of the few photos I have of my husband’s family besides his parents. It was shared on Ancestry by one of my husband’s Bass cousins. This photo reminds me of my husband as Henry’s coloring is very similar to my husband. Reach out to those DNA cousins as they may share their photos with you.

I want to share another photo with you all. This one is more of a just because it makes me insanely happy. This is my son,26239503_10154903153950946_6122306407249987351_n Jimmy and Mickey Mouse.

Jimmy is 10 years old and has autism. He is non-verbal and very non-communicative. This is not the nice form of autism you see on television.

This photo warms my heart to the depths of my soul because Jimmy is interacting with Mickey Mouse. This Mickey was so patient and kind to this child while he was jumping and making noise. This is why Disney holds such a special place in my heart. They treat my son as a person.

Do you have a favorite photo? I would love to hear your story. Our ancestors are screaming for us to tell their stories.

Until next time.