52 Ancestors – Week 13 – In the Paper

I absolutely love old newspapers. I spend hours upon hours searching papers for hints and clues about my family.

I have told you in the past about my favorite site NYS Historic Newspapers. I have also had great success on other newspaper sites. I am not generally a huge fan of Fulton History. When I was doing research on my dad’s uncle Berlendo Moro I did find them useful.


Courtesy of newspapers.com and the NY Daily News.

I am trying to gather all the information on this case because I find it fascinating. Berlendo seemed to have died as a result of a gunshot wound because he was helping a friend who was a police officer.


Courtesy of newspapers.com and The Courier-News.

In the end his killer did admit to killing him and I believe served 8 years.

It is taking me a while with this story as it was a big case and it was reported in several papers each with a slightly different version.

So like I have said in the past I love newspapers.