52 Ancestors – Week 48 – Thief

I knew right away this entry would be about Henry M. Bass. I don’t actually know if he was a thief but he is indeed a scoundrel. Henry M. Bass was born 24 June 1886 in Warsaw, Duplin County, North Carolina. The son of John William Rufus Bass and Emma Faison Best Bass. The onlyContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 48 – Thief”

52 Ancestors – Week 46 – Poor Man

I am still playing catch-up and I am determined to finish all 52 weeks of this project. Though I am thinking for next year I want to do some ancestor profiles here on the blog. I have found this to be a rewarding experience. This prompt was very hard for me. Poor Man. Most ofContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 46 – Poor Man”

52 Ancestors – Week 45 – Rich Man

This was an interesting topic. Wealth comes in many forms. Land, money, knowledge. I will be honest the men in the family do not always speak to my soul. The women though I tend to have a strong affinity to several of them. One of the lines I am often drawn to is my LarkinContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 45 – Rich Man”

52 Ancestors – Week 44 – Trick or Treat

I am not a fan of Halloween. Never really have been. The only thing I do for the Holiday is to carve pumpkins with the family. It is something we have always done with my Dad. My oldest never really cared to trick or treat. Jimmy never did and Sami has a blast doing itContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 44 – Trick or Treat”

52 Ancestors – Week 43 – Transportation

Transportation is an interesting topic when we think of our Ancestors. I am often amazed how far they traveled and the modes of transportation they used. I have ancestors who by horse and buggy, train and ship. Today, I am moving to my dad’s side of the family. Our earliest Italian ancestor in New YorkContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 43 – Transportation”

52 Ancestors- Week 42 – Adventure

When I think of Adventure, I think of my Grandpa’s sister Olive. Olive Witherwax was born 19 February 1895 in Peru, Clinton County, New York. She was older than my Grandpa by 15 years. Sadly I don’t think my Grandpa new his sister Olive very well as she died when he was 10 years old.Continue reading “52 Ancestors- Week 42 – Adventure”

52 Ancestors – Week 40 – Harvest

This was a rough topic as it reminds me how much of our history has been lost. My Weatherwax family were farmers. My grandparents were dairy farmers and lived in Clinton County, the stopped farming full time around the time I was born. My great-grandfather, Benjamin sold the family farm that had been in theContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 40 – Harvest”

52 Ancestors – Week 39 – Maps

I will be totally honest here until the past week or so I really did not use many maps in my research. I have recently fell in love with Locality Guides and part of creating a Locality Guide is to show different sources. Since a lot of my research is in Essex County, NY akaContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 39 – Maps”

52 Ancestors – Week 33 – Comedy

It took me a bit to think of something for this prompt but all of a sudden it came to me this would be the perfect post to honor my husband with because most people do not know what a sense of humor my husband has. His humor and playfulness comes out most times whenContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 33 – Comedy”