52 Ancestors – Week 22- At the cemetery

So it seems like when life gets busy the blog is the first thing I let go. Oh well I am only behind 8 weeks or so. I had my first taste of researching in cemeteries back in my preteen years, I was probably 11 or 12. I spent summers with my grandparents in ClintonContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 22- At the cemetery”

52 Ancestors – Week 18 – Road Trip

So I have decided my goal by the end of July is to be caught up on the 52 ancestors challenge. I am about 8 weeks behind which isn’t too bad. Especially since June is such a blur. Week 18’s prompt was all about a Road Trip. While I am sure my ancestors traveled. IContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 18 – Road Trip”