Linking them all together

So I have been working on my Grandma’s family. I have several patriots in my Grandpa’s line. I joined the DAR through his lines and all my supplemental patriots come through my grandpa. My Mom would love to have a supplemental patriot through her mom’s family.

Most of our Stewart lines are dead ends or we lose them in Canada. Since our families were early settlers of Northern New York records at times are hard to come by. I seriously need a boots on the ground trip to the Essex and Clinton County New York County Seats. ( Road trip once G retires anyone want to come.)

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Anyway we have one line through my Grandma’s Grandmother the Preston’s which seem to have several patriots but it is a matter of dotting all the i’s and crossing all of those t’s.

The past 2 days of the 30 x 30 challenge has been spent reading old published genealogies and town histories. You have to love Google Books and Internet Archive.

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I am trying to find all the documentation to prove our connection to Hannah Bartlett Kelly (a female patriot). In doing the research I am finding the Hannah Bartlett Kelly seems like a pistol. She loaned money to the town after her husband, Richard death.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 5.40.39 PMActually I am trying to piece together their lives as they seem to have been well documented and Richard had personal papers that are quoted.

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I came across this gem about Judith and Joseph Sawyer (who I believe was a Selectman in New Hampshire, trying to make my way through town minutes is tedious). I am grateful to whoever documented Richard Kelly’s writings but would love to make my own way through the originals. I bet they would be full of wonderful nuggets. Hopefully I will stumble upon a collection with these writings in them.

I was able to also find Richard Kelly’s Will with his daughter Judith listed along with her spouse, a rarity in the 1700s.

I am finding 30 minutes goes very quickly but is super productive. Tomorrow I am going to work on the actual DAR supplemental application and see what actual proofs are needed. I would love to get this mailed before Thanksgiving.



Never give up….

When the show Who Do You Think You Are? first premiered, I always thought how I would love to be a professional genealogist, I never really thought it was possible.

I LOVE researching family history and it doesn’t even need to be my own family. I fall in love with each and every person I come across, though to be honest certain family members I hold closer to others. These people call me and I truly feel it is them guiding me some days.

In 2017, I took the Boston University Genealogy Certificate Program and it was a dream to be in a class with like minded people and a network of professionals. As 2018, blossomed I decided to take on some pro-bono clients and probably took more than I should of at one time but I am now in the midst of report writing and honing my citation skills even more. I also stumbled upon an online listing to become an independent contractor for Ancestry. Yes that Ancestry. I never in a million years thought I would be accepted but guess what.. I was. It makes it seem absolutely possible this dream of being a professional genealogist.

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