52 Ancestors – Week 37 – Mistake

Back to catching up again. We all make mistakes. Life happens but sometimes we need to ask ourselves can this really be true. There are a couple of men in my family tree that drive me absolutely batty. The first one is Beverly Beardsley, see Beverley Beardsley number one was born in approximately 1775 andContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 37 – Mistake”

52 Ancestors – Week 27 – Independent

Week 27’s prompt was supposed to go up around Independence Day and it was suggested to write about a relative who fought in the American Revolution. IF you have read for a while you will know that I am a proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. I knew I had relatives whoContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 27 – Independent”

52 Ancestors – Week 26 – Legend

What an interesting topic. Family Legends and Folklore. Stories passed down through the generations. There are 2 pertaining to my grandpa’s family. I have not substantiated them in any way but it is fun anyway to share them. The first pertains to the 30th President of the United States Calvin Coolidge. My grandparents always maintainedContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 26 – Legend”

52 Ancestors – Week 23 – Namesake

I am a big proponent of family names and being named after someone. I myself am named after my 2 grandmothers. My first name is after my paternal grandmother and my middle name is after my maternal grandmother. My daughter is named after myself, my paternal grandmother and her middle name is after my dad.Continue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 23 – Namesake”

52 Ancestors – Week 20 – Military

I have always been proud of the Military members of my family. Though I didn’t know any of them personally, until my cousin Steve joined the Navy, prior to that the only member of the military I knew was my Uncle Leslie but he died in 1971 a few weeks after I was born. ThroughContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 20 – Military”

52 Ancestors – Week 19 – Nurture

Nurture. This one through me for a bit but the more I thought about it the more my Grandma came to mind. Frances Mary Stewart Witherwax (1922 – 2004) Whether it was her own children, the children she watched, her children’s friends or my dad who got chicken pox at her house as an adult.Continue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 19 – Nurture”

52 Ancestors – Week 14- Brick Wall

For the longest time my brick wall was my Sarah Larkin Beardsley. It is probably why I still look for information about her quite often. For me it is more that adding names and dates to a tree. It is about collecting the stories of their lives. I seriously wish I had paid more attentionContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 14- Brick Wall”