52 Ancestors – Week 50 -Tradition

Tradition. What makes a tradition? I try to think of traditions we had growing up and nothing leaps out to me. With my own family, I try to concentrate on making the memories and being present. Things that might be considered traditions are we put our Christmas Tree the weekend of Veterans Day. We tendContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 50 -Tradition”

52 Ancestors – Week 35 – At Work

Surprise Surprise for this topic I do not have a lot to report as the majority of my ancestors were Farmers and they farmed in Clinton and Essex Counties of New York. I do have Sarah Larkin Beardsley who was a doctor. My grandfather on my dad’s side was a contractor. A Great Grandfather onContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 35 – At Work”

52 Ancestors – Week 30 – Easy

I really like this prompt easy. I do not think tracing any line is specifically easy. Especially if you are trying to dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s. I will say that one of the most straight forward lines for me to trace is my Grandpa Earl’s family the Witherwax/Weatherwax line. ToContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 30 – Easy”

52 Ancestors – Week 28 – Reunion

My grandma’s family. The Stewarts had family reunions for as long as I can remember. They used to be held at my Uncle Calvin’s house on the Lakeshore Road. Then they started having them at a VFW or something I actually think the location was affiliated with the Marines. The last one I attended wasContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 28 – Reunion”

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving

Twas the day before Thanksgiving and I have been focusing on family and the blessings of life as is the norm this time of year. I am thinking of those who came before and those who may come after. I am feeling incredibly blessed for all that I have. There have been several of thoseContinue reading “‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving”

52 Ancestors – The Old Homestead

I am way behind on this project but hope to get moving on it again. This is Week 13. The prompt was the old homestead. My grandparents bought this farm in the early 1960s. It is not the house my Mom was raised in. They owned a farm in Harkness before this. This is theContinue reading “52 Ancestors – The Old Homestead”