GRIP – Day 2

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 6.22.52 AM.pngDay 2 was another whirlwind of classes here at GRIP. (above is a picture of LaRoche College where GRIP is being held.)

The morning started with a class on “Dutch” in NY and how the Dutch may just not be Dutch at all which was quite enlightening. We then proceeded to learning about the land in New York. Disheartening to find that the records can be spotty up until 1840 or so after the Anti Rent Wars but I will have to keep plugging away.

After lunch it was back to the Legal system in NY with the fabulous Judy Russell and this is an area of records I am seriously under utilizing. Going to start browsing those early court records soon. The day of classes ended with learning about early Probate in NY.

The classes are seriously a whirlwind and I have a 100 page spiral bound notebook that is almost half full already. I may need to head to the store to get another book at this rate and I would love to take notes on the computer but that is not my way of doing things.

Thursday was a free lecture by DNA Expert Blaine Bettinger and that was super interesting. It was a bit about chromosome mapping and DNA painter and to remember to tie it to the stories and your ancestors. Good Stuff.

Off to learn more about Genealogy and the black hole of New York.

Not my forte…

So I will be totally honest here, Irish research gives me a headache.  A big massive migraine. A great friend gave me a book on researching your Irish roots and I should probably break it out and read it.

I am working on one of my pro-bono cases to gain knowledge on report writing and researching things I am not accustomed too and Irish research scares me. I know I can do it if I could get over the fear but those Marys and James and Johns confuse the heck out of me.

I am working on finding the immigrant ancestors for this case and am proud of how far I have gotten to date on these. I am gaining a huge amount of knowledge into NYC records something I am not super proficient in but getting there pretty quick.

Now I am on to find those naturalization papers and ship manifests and I will call this one a success. After looking at the picture I am a bit aggravated by Ancestry putting the married name in. I should use my RootsMagic but love the convenience of Ancestry on the multiple computers I use.Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 4.48.20 PM

I was very happy for that one United States line that took me into Indiana. I was able to go back prior to the revolution on that one. May see if I can find the gateway ancestor on that branch. I went back to Maryland there.

I will be honest I love colonial/American Revolution research the best. Now off to find my final few facts and work on my reports.