History Coming Alive

Been a crazy couple of weeks working on a bunch of different things. Researching family trees. Preliminary Report writing and working on organizing a Children of the American Revolution in addition to my duties in the DAR oh and there was a trip to Disney with the family in there. This week was a bannerContinue reading “History Coming Alive”

Who Knew?

I was recently appointed the Reorganizing Society President for a Children of the American Revolution Society here in Queens. Tonight, I was working on my son James’ application and discovered something interesting. The Children of the American Revolution was founded by Harriet Lothrop. Mrs. Lothrop was the author of the Five Little Peppers series ofContinue reading “Who Knew?”

52 Ancestors – Valentine

Life got a hold of me back near Valentine’s day with things going on. I decided to take a different take on the Love theme. Instead of speaking of the great love stories of relatives. I decided to tell you about a family I have fallen in love with. In heading toward a career inContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Valentine”

It’s Official

It is finally official! I completed the Boston University Genealogical Research Certificate Program. My final grade was an A-. To be honest the class wasn’t what I thought it would be. I thought it would be more writing of reports and working towards professional certification. It was a wonderful way to get your feet wetContinue reading “It’s Official”


Meet Earl and Frances (Stewart) Witherwax, my maternal grandparents and the reason I started this family history journey. My Grandma was my initiation into our family history, though Grandpa took us everywhere. I think he did it to humor Grandma at first, though he was fabulous at throwing out comments like “I knew we wereContinue reading “Welcome!”