A Feeling? Intuition? The Ancestors are calling..

For many years this lady had been an obsession of mine. Her name is Sarah A. Larkin Beardsley and she is my 2X-great grandmother. She lived from 1847-1886 dying at the age of 39. I am working on a profile of her life for my family because I want to share what a kick assContinue reading “A Feeling? Intuition? The Ancestors are calling..”

GRIP Day 4 & 5

some of the new books I acquired this week at GRIP. Day 4  of GRIP continued the whirlwind of knowledge acquired at GRIP. It included lectures on NYC Urban Centers of Research. Different special holdings of libraries and museums and I absolutely loved our Case Study of Joseph Johnson Chase and it really opened myContinue reading “GRIP Day 4 & 5”

GRIP Day 3

Day 3 of GRIP was a bit of a  whirlwind. We covered wills, transportation and military. I was able to glean a few sources out of this overloaded mind of mine. I am sure it will get better when I type up my notes. Wednesday evening a group of us DAR ladies met up andContinue reading “GRIP Day 3”

GRIP – Day 2

Day 2 was another whirlwind of classes here at GRIP. (above is a picture of LaRoche College where GRIP is being held.) The morning started with a class on “Dutch” in NY and how the Dutch may just not be Dutch at all which was quite enlightening. We then proceeded to learning about the landContinue reading “GRIP – Day 2”

Genealogical Institute of Pittsburgh

I am sitting in a dorm room at LaRoche College in outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA, struggling to stay awake. I had trouble sleeping last night as Jimmy (my son with non-verbal autism) did not want to settle down for the night and when he finally did he was snoring in my ear. Awwww, motherhood atContinue reading “Genealogical Institute of Pittsburgh”

Not my forte…

So I will be totally honest here, Irish research gives me a headache.  A big massive migraine. A great friend gave me a book on researching your Irish roots and I should probably break it out and read it. I am working on one of my pro-bono cases to gain knowledge on report writing andContinue reading “Not my forte…”