Reflections & an offer.

So 2018 has been a year to remember good and bad. As I get older I try more and more to roll with it.

The good

  • Gerard retired.
  • Chiara was accepted into her dream college for her dream program.
  • Jimmy made the transition to middle school seamlessly.
  • I attended the Genealogical Research Institute in Pittsburgh. (would love to attend in 2019 but don’t think that will happen.
  • Attended my 2nd DAR state conference.
  • worked on organizing a Children of the American Revolution Society
  • Lots of good times with friends and family.
  • After a lot of hard work we finally were able to get Samantha settled in a Kindergarten and she is thriving.

The bad:

  • Jimmy having to have 8 teeth removed which resulted in a rather large bill but he seems happier.
  • Sami’s fiasco experience in the first kindergarten she was placed in.

Thankfully my parents are healthy and still moving and grooving in life and I am blessed by that.

I have lots of goals for 2019 and I am working on putting them together and making them concrete realities which leads me to my next thought. I know I am not a prolific writer I think it has to do with being a special needs mom and not having a huge amount of time on my hands and that I am a fairly direct person. So I am going to work on this blog more in the coming year.

I want to try my hand at 30 minute ancestor profiles. I will research your ancestor for 30 minutes and provide you with a written ancestor profile on the ancestor. I am still working on the pricing for this as I want it to be fair and playing with the price of $45.00  for this. The turn around will be 2-3 weeks.

So I need your help to try my hand on this. I am offering a limited trial run at the discounted price of $23.00 limited to 10 people.

If interested please e-mail me at, the first person to email me will receive their ancestor profile for free.

Thanks in advance if you are one of my trial ancestor profile guinea pigs.

History Coming Alive

Been a crazy couple of weeks working on a bunch of different things. Researching family trees. Preliminary Report writing and working on organizing a Children of the American Revolution in addition to my duties in the DAR oh and there was a trip to Disney with the family in there.

This week was a banner week as I mailed off the first application for the Francis Lewis Society of the Children of the American Revolution.


I have two more new applications in the works and they will be getting their signatures soon. We also had 2 members transfer in, so it is getting there.

This morning was my monthly DAR meeting. I am a member of the Increase Carpenter Chapter in Queens and it is something that brings me great joy. It fills a need in me that is doable while keeping a watchful on my autistic son.

I presented a program on the Junior Membership and The Helen Pouch Memorial Fund.


I learned so much putting this board together and I think it went over pretty well. Well off to work on a report for a client.