52 Ancestors – Week 14 – It Begins with a Vowel

This is a fabulous prompt and I had many ancestors to choose since I had a lot of names that began with a vowel. For this one I decided on my Grandma’s side of the family.

Elijah Preston is my 3X-great grandfather and I don’t really know a whole lot about him and writing this blog has me wanting to research more into this family unit further than I have.

Elijah Preston was born 15 August 1823 presumably in Wilmington, Essex Co, NY to Abner Preston and Delia (Hudson?).

His first appearance by name is in the 1850 federal census for Wilmington, Essex, Co., NY. He is 26 years yold with an occupation of Bloomer (something to do with the iron mines). Living in the home are Emily, age 22, Edwin 5, Carlos 4, and Arvilla 1. Arvilla Preston is my 2X great grandmother.

The 1855 NY State Census for Wilmington, Essex Co, NY has the same family make up with the addition of Adaline age 2.

The 1860 federal census, we still have the same family unit. Elijah 36 is now listed as a Farmer. Emily 32, Edwin 16 is also listed as a Farmer, Carlos 13, Arvila is listed as Rosamund 11, Adeline 6 and Emma 2.

In 1863, Elijah age 40 is listed as registering for the Civil War in Wilmington NY. I have never checked to see if he served in the union army.

In 1865 NYS Census for Wilmington, Essex Co, NY we find the family but Carlos and Arvilla are no longer in the home and we have the addition of Melvin age 3.

The 1870 census for Wilmington Essex Co, NY shows the family has changed again. Elijah 46, Farmer, Emily 42; Adaline 16; Emma 12; Melvin 9; Lida 2; Dolly 6/12. Edwin is no longer in the home.

The 1875 NYS Census for Wilmington has the family the same except Lida is listed as Allida and Dolly is Polly Ann age 5.

The 1880 Federal Census for Wilmington Essex Co NY we have Elijah 56, Famer, Emily 52; Melvin 17; Alida 12; Polly 10. The family directly above is son Carlos and his family.

Emily Williams Preston died 21 May 1890.

The 1892 NYS Census for Wilmington Essex Co, now shows Elijah 69, Farmer, Melvin 31, Caroline 32 Melvin’s wife and Albert 5. These are the only members of the household. Daughter Arvilla 44, is in the next household with her family.

Eliha died 28 December 1895 in Wilmington, New York.

Elijah and Emily were the parents of a total of 11 children. Three of those children died as toddlers and were never listed in a census.

  • John S. Preston (1852-1854)
  • George A. Preston (1856-1860)
  • Elijah D. Preston (1861-1864)

I have also not found Emma Preston after the 1875 NYS census, so that will be a future research project to see if she married.

I really delve into a particular ancestor as it raises questions and makes me want to piece more of the life together. I want to know more. I need to bring this family forward.

The tombstones of Elijah Preston and Emily Williams Preston.

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