52 Ancestors – Week 10 – Translation

What a fun topic. Translation. When I saw this topic I immediately thought of all those Italian Records that I really need to sift through on my Dad’s family and then there are those Norwegian Records on my husband’s side. Side note thankful to finding a cousin that was able to unlock a lot of that for me because I have no clue where to begin. I then thought of my Mom’s family and her stalled Shumway line because that is going to lead me into Canadian Records.

I tend to not delve to far into things I don’t know how to do and is probably why I can’t get back past the 2nd great grandparents on my Dad’s family. One of my goals for 2023 and forward is to move these lines forward or actually backward in this case. I have started with just finding their names like in this record for Teresa Moro. I think it is a birth record. I have a book that has samples of what these documents are so that makes it helpful for me.

I should see if there is a similar book for Norwegian Records and see what guidance I can find for French Canadian. I get excited once I find something but it can be frustrating also.

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