52 Ancestors – Week 9 – Gone Too Soon.

I will be honest this prompt kind of bothers me. I have too many relatives and ancestors that were gone too soon. People who were snatched before I got to know them or even before they were able to accomplish much in life.

For this prompt though I am going to concentrate on my Dad’s Uncle Berlindo Moro.

Berlindo died 2 December 1928. He was actually murdered trying to help his friend a Patrolman Richard Duffy.

Berlindo died at the age of 19 so he was in fact Gone too Soon. It would be interesting to see how the family would of been different had he not died. I will say that a lot of the family does not know that he was murdered but I don’t feel the need to whitewash history.

I am all about sharing the good, the bad and the ugly

Here is a prior post I wrote about Berlindo Moro.

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