An A-Ha Moment.

Finally decided it was time to get a new supplemental for a NEW Patriot filed to begin the long wait for it to be approved.

David Weatherwax is my 4X Great Grandfather on my Mom’s Dad side. Did you get that. My Grandpa Earl’s family. This is also my mom’s maiden name even though crazy Great Grandma Minerva changed the spelling because she was mad at her in-laws at least that is the family legend.

So I messaged my DAR Registrar to review the application because I know everyone is related but you know sometimes that pesky documentation gets in the way. Thankfully the first 5 generations are already proven it is just the last 2 generations that are quirky. Thankfully, the Death Certificate for my 2X Great Grandfather George Weatherwax lists his parents full names and where they were born.

Then we get to his Dad Jacob and there are no primary documents so I need to use the census records. Not horrible I have done it before for my original patriot and I do have David Weatherwax’s will but I couldn’t find anything that said his son Jacob until I started re-reading a transcript another descendant of Jacob had sent me years agon.

Here is the transcription and it lists the entire family and says next of Kin.

Not sure how I have missed this wording in all the years of reading this will but there it is. I did have the inventory where it lists Jacob as owing money to David but it never named him by name and said his son. I have other deeds from Jacob to where he sold his land to his sons George and William and it said land that belonged to David but here is the proof I needed.

and here is the chicken scratch that lists the family from the will file.

So now I just need to organize the information and send it to my Registrar to review again before mailing off to National and that will be another patriot.

Next up on the Patriot hunt is to figure out how to document my Grandma’s Family and prove the connection to the patriot family. Going to be deep diving into Vermont Records next.

I have discovered that my family all disappear from records at some point or we go to towns without great record keeping but for today I am going to take this celebration to heart and be happy.

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