52 Ancestors – Week 43 – Transportation

Transportation is an interesting topic when we think of our Ancestors. I am often amazed how far they traveled and the modes of transportation they used.

I have ancestors who by horse and buggy, train and ship. Today, I am moving to my dad’s side of the family. Our earliest Italian ancestor in New York is Michelangelo Moro. He arrived 20 December 1880 according to this ships manifest. He arrived on the SS Italia. passenger list Moro

He arrived with what appears to be a Servant Chiara Dilodevia? and 2 children Domenico and Teresa. Domenico is my great grandfather and he named his daughter Chiara.

I am amazed that he journeyed to America with 2 small children. I have never found record of him here in America. One day I will do a deep dive into Italian Research, I need to gather courage and get familiar with my local Family History Center.

One thought on “52 Ancestors – Week 43 – Transportation

  1. I like your humility in having to gather courage to continue your search. It can be quite daunting at times to push through that comfort zone in research. All the best in your search for Michelangelo Moro.


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