Sometimes Rabbit Holes can be profitable

I have done a deep dive into the world of genetic genealogy and spent a huge amount of the past weekend messaging matches and hoping for responses. Low and behold one of those responses led me down a path tonight.

It didn’t take me too long to figure out whee she belonged in my tree but I also knew these families had a habit of intermarrying and was it possible they were on both sides. Still not 100% sure on that which lead me down this path and following census records as back as far as I could.

Then I said let me run the name Heman Preston in the Northern New York Newspaper site. You know I love my newspapers. Well, look at what I found.

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.05.06 PM

courtesy of the Northern NY Library Network.

THis little gem appeared in the September 28, 1933 issue of the Adirondack Record. You see the name Abner Preston. My 4th Great Grandfather is Abner Preston who married Delia Hudson. My 5th Great Grandfather is Abner Preston who married Sarah “Sally”  Sawyer and the son of my 6th Great Grandfather. I need to get some tighter links and I am hoping this little gem just might help me break through a wall or two.

Wish me luck on hopefully breaking through the wall as this would finally give me a Revolutionary War Patriot on my Grandma’s side and would open up another line for my family.


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