52 Ancestors – Week 35 – At Work

Surprise Surprise for this topic I do not have a lot to report as the majority of my ancestors were Farmers and they farmed in Clinton and Essex Counties of New York.

I do have Sarah Larkin Beardsley who was a doctor. My grandfather on my dad’s side was a contractor. A Great Grandfather on my Dad’s Side was big with the Sanitation Department here in NY, story goes he was responsible for helping them unionize.

Funnily enough as the majority of my relatives were Farmers my husband has a whole slew of Longshoreman in Brooklyn. He also has a post master in North Carolina. A Great Aunt who went to Julliard and was a concert pianist. A Great- Great Grandmother who owned and ran a stationery store. I particularly love reading about women who had occupations, to me it shows the growth of women in this country in a short time.


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