52 Ancestors – Week 25 – Earliest

This one is an interesting one as I know there are branches that came a little after the Mayflower. (I am still looking for that elusive Mayflower ancestor.)

Then I have my Witherwax line that came in 1710 from Germany with approximately 700 families.

But for the sake it f this prompt I am going to talk about my Dad’s family. My earliest relative is his great- grandfather who came in 1878 from Italy. His name was Michelangelo Moro and he came with 2 children Domenico Moro, my Dad’s grandfather and a daughter Teresa. There was a woman with them on the ship’s manifest but’s am not sure who she is. Her name is listed as Chiara Dito——-a.

We didn’t think the family came to much later but we were pleasantly surprised. I need put together a research plan for this line along with some research questions.

Italian research intimidates me so I want to expand my horizons and become more proficient in it.

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