52 Ancestors – Week 24 – Dear Diary

Sadly, I have never seen a family diary for any of my ancestors. The one ancestor I could imagine writing a diary is my 2X Great Grandmother Sarah Larkin Beardsley.

Dr. Sarah larkin Beardsley

I could imagine her writing about losing her mother at a young age. Living with her grandparents. Living with her aunt and uncle, about getting married at 19 and then deciding she wanted to be a doctor and going to medical school. I imagine she might write about leaving her child with relatives (it would be great to know who, as we don’t find Minnie until 1890 when she is married).

I would love to read about her practicing medicine and the pain of losing a child. I would also like to read her thoughts about dying young. Her amazing life cut short as she died at the age of 39.

This woman is one whose strength I always draw upon because she did so much with the time she had on earth. I am proud to be descended from her.

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