52 Ancestors – Week 20 – Nature

Ok totally going to admit that I am winging this one because I have no clue if my relatives enjoyed nature or not and I can’t think of a different way to take this.

Most of my relatives on my mom’s side were farmers from what I can tell. Did they enjoy it or was it just a given they would be farmers. Even some of my dad’ s relatives were farmers in Italy from some of the family stories.

I personally am not a big out doors person. Though when I was younger there was a summer my friend and I rode our bikes all over NYC so that is as close to Nature as I ever got.

My dad enjoys going on his boat and fishing so you could say he enjoys being outdoors. I think it may have to do with how many distractions we have in life weather we enjoy nature or not.

I think that is enough rambling but as I delve into more research I think I may need to keep in mind this prompt to see if I ever get a better answer to this question.

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