52 Ancestors – Week 11 – Large Family

I swear I overthink each and every prompt to the point where I am frozen until I can move forward. For this one I finally decided to write about my 2X Great Grandparents, Leslie Beardsley and Sarah Larkin Beardsley.

They had quite the opposite of a large family. They only had 2 children Minerva Ruth and Myra. Only Minerva survived into adulthood. The sad mention I have of Myra is on a tombstone and 3 words in Leslie Beardsley’s Civil War Pension File “died in infancy.

I am not sure why they only had 2 children whether it was because they were too busy leading their own lives. Heck Sarah was a Doctor who attended medical school or if they had issues.

They were not the normal sort of family for the 1870-1880 period that is for sure. They seemed to travel and move about and sadly Sarah died in 1886 at the age of 39. Her daughter Minerva was only 16. Minerva married in 1890 and went on to have 6 children of her own one of who was Earl Elmer my grandpa.

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