52 Ancestors – Week 10 – Bachelor Uncle

As you can tell I am behind with the prompts. So much going on and I actually have a bunch of posts I want to do not related to the 52 Ancestors prompts. Hoping to get myself on track this week with a schedule.

My bachelor uncle is my Uncle Calvin. Uncle Calvin is my grandma’s brother making him my great-uncle. Uncle Cal was about 18 months younger than my grandma. He was born in December 1923 on Lyon Mountain to Charles and Mildred Shumway Stewart. He enlisted into the Army in 1943 during WWII. He did all sorts of jobs.

Now, I knew Uncle Calvin later in his life and he was a character. He honestly was a great story teller and a kind human being. A favorite story of ours is how in the early 2000s he told us he still had butter made by my grandma he was using or his feeding of the livestock. The livestock were the rats. He would go out of his way to help you.

From family stories the reason he was a bachelor is his mother chased away all the girls. Not entirely sure why except maybe she didn’t want to be alone. A true testament to the life one has lived is the turn out at their funeral and Uncle Calvin had a full house. Heck I drove all the way from NY to Clinton County for it in 2011 and I don’t generally go to funerals or to Clinton County much anymore.

Family Picture

This picture is of my Grandma, Frances, Uncle Calvin standing and those adorable kiddos are Lesley, Sheila and Shirley Witherwax. I would say this photo was taken in 1947.


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