Post 1850 Immigration

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This is  a list of the trees I am actively researching. This summer it has been an ebb and flow of research as there has a been a lot going on here on the home front. This afternoon I had every intention of taking the kids to the pool but it is a rainy cool day and that isn’t happening. I decided to choose one of the trees and do some research.

The luck winner is the Angert Tree. I am very intrigued by post 1850 immigration as it is not my forte. Actually researching passenger lists tends to make me nervous and realize how much experience I do not have at it.

I generally let the ancestors speak to me and guide me on this journey, especially when I am researching family that is not mine. These ancestors seem to want their stories told. Today I concentrated on Golde “Jennie” Wasserman and Israel “Joseph” Angert.

I went with what I had already found from the information provided to me. I found the couple on the 1910 census.

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The Angert Family lived at 129 Bruce Street, Newark, New Jersey. They have been married for 28 years and it is the first marriage for both. Additionally, we learn that Jennie has given birth to 9 children and 9 children are living. They are Russian/Yiddish (I need to do a bit more into this but we can discern they are Jewish immigrants). We also learn that they arrived in 1882 and are naturalized citizens. I need to research the immigration laws of the time to see how it worked. If memory serves me right from my own familial research if Joseph became a citizen his wife and minor children became citizens.

Another point of interest is Joseph and the children spoke English but Jennie is listed as speaking Yiddish. We also see that Joseph and the children can read and write but again Jennie does not.

The Angerts also rent their home. So much can be gleaned from a census record. From this information I now knew the date of the Angert’s arrival so I headed over to Family Search (I have a lot better luck their searching passenger lists for some reason) and searched for their arrival. I checked a few records and found it. Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 3.49.34 PM

Israel Hangert and his wife Golde came to New York in 1886 on the Alaska and both were born in Russia. This is pre-Ellis Island so they most likely were processed at Castle Garden.

Unfortunately, we can not check the 1890 Census so we will check the 1900 census for NY and check the births of their children to see what else we can glean. I did find a death record in 1916 but am not sure it is actually the correct family (as the burial is in Connecticut) so I don’t want share it until I can verify it.

Thankfully with the wonderful work Reclaim the Records is doing I can check the index to see if any of the names match with the census records to further track the journey of Golde and Israel.



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