A Feeling? Intuition? The Ancestors are calling..

Dr. Sarah larkin Beardsley

For many years this lady had been an obsession of mine. Her name is Sarah A. Larkin Beardsley and she is my 2X-great grandmother. She lived from 1847-1886 dying at the age of 39. I am working on a profile of her life for my family because I want to share what a kick ass woman she is. For many years I researched her, on the clue of the initials of MD on her tombstone. I wanted to know how she became a doctor. It always came back to her and I am still trying to find out more.

Do you ever feel like your ancestors are trying to tell you a story and you need to find more? Like they are reaching at you beyond the veil. Even when I am working on other families that don’t belong to me I sometimes get a longing to tell their story.

I have been doing research for a friend and their Great Grandfather has become a calling because I loved their name. Jenkins Jeffrey. You can only imagine how this one gets screwed up in the records but these are people and they must have a story that needs to be told. We can put flesh and bones on the dates.

Another friend just recently gave me her information and a story of a Revolutionary War patriot, who is connected to George Washington, I love family lore, but it is her Great Grandmother Goldie Wasserman, who is speaking to me along with her 2X great Grandfather a Monteville Benjamin (isn’t Monteville a great name).

There are names that just jump out at me and call me to learn more to the point I have dreams about these wonderful individuals who came before. I have been toying with the idea of doing some biographical sketches of these people for the blog.

So I am off to see what ancestor speaks to me next, actually I am trying to work on a problem for a DAR supplemental so I can document another patriot in my line but that is a whole other post.


One thought on “A Feeling? Intuition? The Ancestors are calling..

  1. You know a lot more about Sarah. She was a special kind of woman. Making her mark and becoming a doctor even though she was married and had a child. Keep up the good work. Mom


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