GRIP Day 1


Day 1 of GRIP is in the books. It was a long day for me. Number 1, I did not sleep well and was up way before 6am. I was able to get a workout in way before 6:30. I was actually in the common area by 7am since I needed to get out of the room.

I am taking Researching in New York: Resources and Strategies. The morning opened with an overview by Karen Mauer Jones, CG, FGBS.  We then moved to a tract on the North River from the Verazanno to Albany by Jane E. Wilcox. My head was swimming by my lunch break.

After lunch we dived back in with Judy Russell, JD, CG, CGL aka as The Legal Genealogist. We learned about New York’s crazy legal system and my head was ready to explode but I found a couple of resources I want to check out so the headache was worth it. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Judy speak grab it. She was one of the reasons I signed up for this track.

Last but not least for the day was Jane’s talk about the Tenant Farmers of NY. Now while I do not have any tenant farms in my lines it was interesting to learn.

By this time I was ready for a nap but ran to Target for a pillow. Should of brought some of the things on the supply list because the accommodations are sparse but heck I don’t have Jimmy snoring in my ears so it is all good.

After dinner, there was a talk given by David Rencher of Family Search and oh my goodness. Let me tell you I am seriously underutilizing this resource and it is my goal to get better at it. There are so many cool collections and features.

Now I am winding down and am going to read through tomorrow’s lessons before crashing. I am seriously so happy to be here and am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at me but am seriously glad to not be in a class with homework.

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