Genealogical Institute of Pittsburgh

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I am sitting in a dorm room at LaRoche College in outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA, struggling to stay awake. I had trouble sleeping last night as Jimmy (my son with non-verbal autism) did not want to settle down for the night and when he finally did he was snoring in my ear. Awwww, motherhood at it’s finest.

This morning my wonderful husband dropped me off at LaGuardia for my flight to Pittsburgh for this trip. I got in the rental car and followed my Maps app directions. Let me just tell you it took me on some interesting roads.

When I arrived at the Campus, I registered and found said dorm room. Unpacked and headed over to the Campus Center. Everyone is super friendly. I had dinner with some lovely new friends. Chatted with some Boston University Alum. I happened to be the most recent graduate. (I will have to find the picture to share with everyone). I came back to the room after dinner and read over my materials for tomorrow. I am taking a course on New York Research presented by Karen Jones, Judy Russell and Jane Wilcox. Hoping to see if I can get some insight into the black hole of genealogy that is New York.

This kind of reminds me of the scrapbooking retreats I used to do and being with people who have the same interests.

I am going to try and post a daily update while here to share the experience. Have a great night.

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