Last week I sent off my first report binder, this week I am humbled.


I received the following post on my facebook page.

From the absolute bottom of my heart thank you! You have given him the most precious gift. I cannot thank you enough. ❤️❤️❤️

I had the honor to trace my friends family back into 1870 Texas and gave recommendations of where else they could look. The proverbial 1870 brick wall came and I have names of people who were alive pre-civil war but lack information on where they came from.

It was eye-opening to try my hand at African American research and I am blessed to have a friend who let me dive into her family history.

The result was more than I could of asked for. I also know this family will be a pet project of mine as I have fallen in love with a few of them. I will just need to listen to their spirits as they guide me forward.





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