52 Ancestors – Misfortune

What is Misfortune? Misfortune can be defined as bad luck or an unfortunate condition or event.  Using this definition I had a couple of people come to mind. My favorite ancestor Dr. Sarah Beardsley who died at 39, tragically young. The more I got to thinking I thought of my Great Grandfather, Charles Edward Stewart.

Charles Edward Stewart was born February 9, 1886 to Joseph Gardner Stewart and Ella Mayo. He married Mildred Mabel Shumway on March 11, 1911. He supported his family mining. He was a miner on Lyon Mountain.


In 1927 he was severely injured in an explosion at the mine. There is a family story that the accident was a result of his brother setting the detonation too early but no proof has been found. His injuries resulted in the loss of his eyesight. He tried to sue for damages but there was no award given. stewart46anniversary

He was never in the best of health after the accident and he passed away in 1958 shortly after celebrating his 46th wedding anniversary.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 9.56.00 AM



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