52 Ancestors – Heirloom

Every Week Amy Johnson Crow provides a prompt for the 52 Ancestors challenge and I will be honest I get stuck on them and ponder them and then do not write anything here for weeks. My goal is to not ponder them so much anymore and get moving and stay caught up.

So this prompt is for Week 8 back in February and it is about Heirlooms. My family was not really the type to hand things down from generation to generation. Seriously, the only thing I ever really wanted was my Grandma’s Genealogy papers and obviously those made their way to me. Every time I open the box I get the warm fuzzies.

If you know me you will know I am a sucker for the handmade, so I do have something that while it isn’t of great value to the outside world it means the world to me.


My mom made the pie plate and the floral coffee set. When we were cleaning out my grandparents house in Florida I asked if I could have them. I also snagged the Grandma and Grandpa set my grandparents used on the farm. I have no idea where they came from but I wanted the connection to them.

There is only one other thing in my house I took for the purpose of passing on and it is from my husbands family. I have a set of 6 little cordial glasses. I believe they are Waterford but am not sure. I will pass them to one of the girls if they want them though at this point I am sure they would rather have the Disney Art my husband and I collect.


Above is a picture of one of the cordial glasses they are tiny. Maybe I will use them one day as dessert dishes so they get some use. Things should be used and loved in my opinion. These are just objects it is the memories they evoke that are truly priceless.

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