Not my forte…

So I will be totally honest here, Irish research gives me a headache.  A big massive migraine. A great friend gave me a book on researching your Irish roots and I should probably break it out and read it.

I am working on one of my pro-bono cases to gain knowledge on report writing and researching things I am not accustomed too and Irish research scares me. I know I can do it if I could get over the fear but those Marys and James and Johns confuse the heck out of me.

I am working on finding the immigrant ancestors for this case and am proud of how far I have gotten to date on these. I am gaining a huge amount of knowledge into NYC records something I am not super proficient in but getting there pretty quick.

Now I am on to find those naturalization papers and ship manifests and I will call this one a success. After looking at the picture I am a bit aggravated by Ancestry putting the married name in. I should use my RootsMagic but love the convenience of Ancestry on the multiple computers I use.Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 4.48.20 PM

I was very happy for that one United States line that took me into Indiana. I was able to go back prior to the revolution on that one. May see if I can find the gateway ancestor on that branch. I went back to Maryland there.

I will be honest I love colonial/American Revolution research the best. Now off to find my final few facts and work on my reports.

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