History Coming Alive

Been a crazy couple of weeks working on a bunch of different things. Researching family trees. Preliminary Report writing and working on organizing a Children of the American Revolution in addition to my duties in the DAR oh and there was a trip to Disney with the family in there.

This week was a banner week as I mailed off the first application for the Francis Lewis Society of the Children of the American Revolution.


I have two more new applications in the works and they will be getting their signatures soon. We also had 2 members transfer in, so it is getting there.

This morning was my monthly DAR meeting. I am a member of the Increase Carpenter Chapter in Queens and it is something that brings me great joy. It fills a need in me that is doable while keeping a watchful on my autistic son.

I presented a program on the Junior Membership and The Helen Pouch Memorial Fund.


I learned so much putting this board together and I think it went over pretty well. Well off to work on a report for a client.


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