52 Ancestors – Valentine

Life got a hold of me back near Valentine’s day with things going on. I decided to take a different take on the Love theme. Instead of speaking of the great love stories of relatives. I decided to tell you about a family I have fallen in love with.

In heading toward a career in professional genealogy, I asked friends to be guinea pigs and let me research their families and practice writing reports with footnotes. I was immediately drawn to all the families I started researching. One in particular drew me in and has kept bringing me back. The Cameron Family.

This family has been my first foray into African American research and I am learning on the fly and falling in love with this family who has been in Texas for over 120 years. In someways African American research is the same as traditional research until you hit 1870. I think this is going to be my adopted project for a while but I am thankful for this opportunity and am blessed that I have wonderful friends who entrusted me with their loved ones.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 7.28.50 PM

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