52 Ancestors – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Yes I am still 2 weeks behind but that is okay. I gave this one a lot of thought and there were so many people I wanted to eat with.

  • Sarah Larkin Beardsley – I would love to know her thoughts on Medical School in the 1880s.
  • My Grandpa Tony – What was like like coming to America in 1920?
  • Bezaleel Wood – What was it like to fight in the American Revolution?
  • Rebecca Towne Nurse – What was it like to be tried for Witchcraft in Salem?
  • Obadiah Coolidge – why oh why can’t find any record of you except in your Daughter Hannah’s will.

Then there are my husband’s relatives I would love to eat dinner with:

  • Henry Bass – why can’t I find you between 1942 and the mention of you in Robert Bass’ obituary in 1979. Why did you leave North Carolina and apparently never return? What drove you away?
  • Robert Bass – why did you never have any contact with your daughter again after your annulment in 1946?
  • To all those Irish ancestors why did you name your children all the same names?
  • To Neils and Bergetti Osborne why can’t I find you on a passenger list coming to NY?

But the person I would love to have dinner with the most is my Grandpa. Earl Elmer Witherwax. I would ask for him to tell me all the stories and family history, he had shared with me and I would take notes. He was a master story teller and not a day goes by that I don’t miss you and Grandma. So that is who I would like to eat dinner with.


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